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Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines - Cebu Liaison Office

In 1991, founder of Taiwan-based Tzu Chi Foundation, Master Cheng Yen received The Magsaysay Social Leadership Award from the Philippine Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation. This is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Asia. Along with the award came a prize money of US undefined,000 (worth approximately Php825,000 then) which the Master distributed to two beneficiaries - the victims of the China flooding and of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. The award paved way to the exposure of the Master’s compassion to the Chinese community in the Philippines.

Years later, a group of local Chinese led by volunteer Linda Chua, visited Tzu Chi’s different establishments in Taiwan. The group vowed before the Master to bring the seedlings of love back to the Philippines and help the Master in carrying out the mission of alleviating suffering and inspiring people in the country. The Master gave her blessings, setting November 8, 1994 as the official date of inauguration of Tzu Chi Foundation, Philippines. Tzu Chi Cebu was then established as liaison office in 2000. It has been serving Metro Cebu and nearby Provinces for 18 years now and counting. 

Tzu Chi History

To spread Great Love and relieve the suffering of the people across the globe.


To live up to the Tzu Chi ways not only in volunteer works but for the volunteers day to day life. It aims to educate the rich volunteers to help the poor.


To do the acts of charity; deliver medicine to the sick; educate people fo have wisdom life; promote humanistic culture; care for the environment; and provide international relief across the globe in order to spread love and compassion among people.

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